Famous Foursomes

Although I’ve struggled with writing over the past year, there has been a re-occurring theme in any of my creative assignments for class: my best friends. I love writing poems, but that has been where my writer’s block has been the worst. I’ve had a few class assignments to write a short story or tell a tale, so I choose to write what I know about. My three best friends from home come alive on paper, and when I was writing a story about our reunion over winter break, I was laughing out loud as I was typing on my laptop.

We like to call ourselves FINE. FINE is an acronym we made of our love for each other. We took the last letter of each of our last names, and, ta-da, instant friendship, members only name.

Megan and I have been friends since middle school, and she went to junior high and high school with Katie and Giselle (and despite three years of friendship, I still have to check Facebook to make sure I spell Giselle’s name correctly). Megan introduced me to her two friends once we all graduated from high school, and our bond was instantaneous. We began to travel about our small town in a flock, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

During this school year, we were all pretty spread out across the world: London and Austrailia just to name a few places. Even this summer, I’m traveling to Oviedo in Spain, so our time together will be somewhat short. But thanks to ever growing technology, my favorite girls are never more than a click away.

Something else sort of keeps us together too: famous foursomes. All across pop culture, there are people, who, like us, travel in groups of four. The girls and I are constantly discovering them, and these discoveries lead to intense arguments over who is who.

Our favorite is probably the favorite of any other group of four girls:

Megan, hands down, is Miranda, and originally, Giselle was Charlotte, Katie was Samantha, and I was Carrie. But we established this two summers ago, and I think things have changed a bit since then, especially on my part. I’m more of a Samantha these days. It will probably be brought up the next time we’re all together (June 12!!!!).

I’m also a fan of this group, just because our logic behind it is pretty absurd:

Ok, so there’s more than 4 girls here, but my friends and I could easily tell you who we all are in this picture. Megan is Nastia Lukin, because they’re both blonde. Katie is Shawn Johnson, because they are a similar height. I’m Alicia Sacramone, because I would be the one everyone says messes things up. And Giselle would be anyone who has brown hair. I don’t think she likes this foursome very much.

But, she does like this one, and so do we:

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is the quintessential young adult novel for any group of friends. Bridget, Tibby, Carmen, and Lena have such different personalities in the series, but it doesn’t make their bond any weaker. A lot like FINE. Again, Megan is Bridget because she’s blonde and she plays soccer (Note: every notice that if you’re blonde, you’re automatically amazing at soccer?), Giselle is Lena because she’s artistic, Katie is Carmen because she’s goal-oriented, and I’m Tibby because I’m extremely moody.

All of these women are great, and their friendships, most of them fictional, are inspirational, but I think this, by far, is my favorite famous foursome:


About T.Krajewski

I used to write a poem a night when I was sixteen. I don't want to be that girl again, but I also miss writing.
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