Three long weeks…

I have this kind of OCD ritual. I firmly believe that if someone doesn’t speak to you for three weeks, but you really want them to, there is no hope left for that person to speak to you again.

I started this ritual in high school, while listening to a Streetlight Manifesto song.

The song deals with someone’s mother dying of cancer, so it isn’t really relevant to the huge fight I got into three weeks ago with someone that has led to painful silence, no missed calls, no unanswered messages. Just deep deep deep silence.

Three long weeks.

But there’s something hopeful with the song, when Tomas Kalonky sings the last two lines:

And in the end maybe I’ll see you there/You know I’ll see you there/And in the end I’ll see you there.

So maybe, someday, faraway, this silence will disappear and go back to where it came from. But for now, it’s going to be another three long weeks.


About T.Krajewski

I used to write a poem a night when I was sixteen. I don't want to be that girl again, but I also miss writing.
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